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Profile of Dr. Masako Ikegami

 Dr. Masako Ikegami is Professor of Technology & Innovation Management, Department of Innovation Science at School of Environment and Society, and Professor of Department of Value & Decision Science at Graduate School of Decision Science & Technology, Tokyo Institute of Technology.Formerly she was a professor of political science (2010-13) and Director (2001-08) of the Center for Pacific Asia Studies, Stockholm University. She holds Doctor of Sociology (University of Tokyo, 1996) and Ph.D. in peace and conflict research (Uppsala University 1998).

Her research ranges from empirical analysis of defence R&D & production, defence policy-making process, arms control & disarmament, to Asian regional security & confidence building measures.

She gave lectures at eminent institutions in US, Europe and Asia. She held prestigious Abe Fellowship granted by the Social Science Research Council and Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership for research on the paradox of extended nuclear deterrence in the era of nuclear disarmament at East-West Center in Washington, D.C., Honolulu, and Senior Visiting Fellow at Research Institute for Peace & Security in Tokyo. In 2005, she was POSCO Fellow at EWC, Honolulu to conduct research on North Korean nuclear crisis. She is a regular member of the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs (Nobel Peace Prize 1995) on arms control & nuclear disarmament, and a standing board member of the Swedish Pugwash Group chaired by Amb. Rolf Ekéus.


  • Decision-making analysis in the nuclear age: diplomatic historical perspectives
  • Nuclear deterrence & strategy: post-modern approaches
  • Nuclear non-proliferarion, nuclear disarmament, nuclear security
  • Arms control & nuclear disarmament, WMD non-proliferation
  • Political economy & policy analysis of defence industry/technology R&D and global transfer of advanced dual-use technology
  • Regional security & CBMs for conflict prevention in the light of the European confidence building during the Cold War
  • Regional conflict, reconciliation & peace-building
  • Crisis management & human security: European lessons & Asian facts
  • The US-Japan alliance from the perspective of global security and peace